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Of print and electronic publishing...

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I am ambivalent about book publishing these days....

On the one hand, I love books in the old meaning of the word.  Paper pages, printed words, illustrated covers all to be held in the hand and read by sunlight in a lawn chair or at night under a bright lamp. A good book may even rate a good glass of wine also.

I'm Baaaaack!

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I took a hiatus from the blog for a while (ok.... 4 years!)  Anyway I'm back now and will be blogging at least twice a week now.

For my first blog, I'd like to ask you a question: Of all the books out there that are currently in the public domain, (in general published before 1923 in the U.S. where this blog originates) what 5 books would you want if you were trapped on a desert isle?

These would be the only books you would have with you.  The only ones you can read, over and over, and enjoy them each time. What books would you bring on that "three hour tour..."?

That's it!  Let me know!

Blogging At Kellscraft Studio...


Blogging At Kellscraft Studio...

There have been a lot of changes at The Studio: relocating from Boston to Maine; living in an old farmhouse where there are many, many chores and less time for book publishing; enjoying the summer with family and friends.

Why Republish Old Books?

There's an amazing wealth of published material sitting on dusty shelves, virtually undiscovered by millions of readers today. Some of these are well-known and continue to be republished for sale today:  Treasure Island, Through the Looking Glass, or The Scarecrow of Oz.

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