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I am ambivalent about book publishing these days....

On the one hand, I love books in the old meaning of the word.  Paper pages, printed words, illustrated covers all to be held in the hand and read by sunlight in a lawn chair or at night under a bright lamp. A good book may even rate a good glass of wine also.

And then there is the digital format.  Kindle, Nook, .pdf, .txt,... whatever.  I have a kindle and use it.  I republish many books from Kellscraft.com to Kindle and Nook, (more to Nook right now as Kindle is limiting the public domain editions to those that got there first, even though the formatting on these books may be garbage and almost unreadable in some cases.  But more on that in another blog...)

The Kindle is sleek, new age, futuristic even.  I've always been a fan of Sci-fi, but reading on the Kindle just leaves me cold.  Yes, I'm getting the same info in both formats.  But I'm not satisfied after reading an electronic book as I would reading the same book in paper format.

What I seem to be finding, however, is I see more eBook sales than reprint in paper format through Lulu.com. Are we moving away from print editions?  Are we going the way of ebooks? will we see a day when the majority of books are electronic, and will never exist in paper format?  I hope not.... 

What's your thoughts on this?

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