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These sketches are drawn as illustrations for literature, but would be quite as useful in some other studies.

The strokes at 1, 2 and 3 are those used in the tree sketch; 1 is obtained by two strokes of the chalk, placed vertically upon the board and accented by a pressure upon the lower end. These strokes give the sky and the hills in the distance. The use of the eraser and a few blended strokes like those at 2 will help in sketching the tree trunks. See plate 2. After these are done, add stroke 3, and with it mass the foliage. See sug­gestions on plate 12. The point of land in the distance and a few of the branches are added with charcoal.

Study the lesson on plate 23 before sketching the sparrow. Stroke 4 is made with a single broad mark of charcoal, and the addition of tiny touches with the chalk. The branch is drawn in a similar manner, and the background is added by a few soft and delicate touches with the side of the chalk.

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