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A very few lines will often indicate the pose or action of an animal. Try lines similar to those at 1; study other animals and try a few characteristic lines. See No. 1 for the squirrel and for the fish.

After practicing the pose, try 2 without sketching the lines with the point of the chalk, but by using the side, as in previous sketches. To finish the sketch add the few details necessary, as shown in the other drawings.

The strokes used in these sketches are given on several other plates. They are produced by using the side of about two-thirds of a stick of chalk, and by accenting or letting the pressure be greatest at the end of the chalk which is to form the outline. This type of stroke is perhaps most evident where the pressure was upon the left end of the chalk, as in the squirrel's back.

See also stroke 4, plate 3, and strokes upon plate 5.

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