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The strokes and touches used upon plate 21 are more delicate than any previously given, though similar in character. No. 1 is drawn with the side of the chalk, the accent being with the left end. Allow the hand to tremble a bit and the texture de­sired is more readily obtained. Stroke 2 is produced in the same manner. After these are drawn add the shades, stems, and leaf with charcoal, and high lights with touches of white chalk.

Stroke 3 is exactly like that at No. 2, plate 20, though drawn with a much smaller piece of chalk. A series of these strokes, with the addition of touches with the charcoal and point of the chalk, as indicated in the sketch, will produce the caterpillar.

Strokes 4 and 5 are valuable in sketching a butterfly or moth. They are gray strokes with the side of the chalk, the pressure being upon the end forming the outline. In work of this kind study nature very carefully, as no sketch or copy can do what nature can for the teacher. After the general form of the butterfly is drawn with these light gray strokes, add the details, using touches of chalk or charcoal, and occasionally blending them with the tip of the finger.

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