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On plate 18 are suggestions for the month of March, or for geography, history, or occupations and habits of the people.

Apply a few delicate, horizontal and curving strokes to the board; then with a soft piece of cloth erase for the distance, as at No. 1. Use stroke 2 for the sides of the windmill, stroke 3 for the wings, and touches of charcoal for the windows.

Stroke 5, plate 3, will help in representing the foreground. Use the chalk very delicately, accenting here and there with stronger touches, and a vertical stroke now and then for the reflections in the water — stroke 4.

The strokes illustrated on plates 2, 3, and 5 will be useful in sketching the shores and other objects. Remember to allow the pressure upon the chalk to indicate the outlines of objects, and never to add definite marks with the point excepting for necessary details or high lights.

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