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Whenever I have made a sketch of this kind it has always given great pleasure to the children, and proved of more or less value in history, or in story-telling in the lower grades.

Stroke 1 illustrates the treatment for the sky and the horizon. A few soft touches with the side of the chalk will indicate clouds. Blend the white tone into the gray of the blackboard. The chalk is held vertically and drawn across the hoard horizontally.

Next erase a spot or two for the sails and hull of the ship, and apply stroke 2. This stroke is made by placing the chalk in an oblique position and drawing a curving stroke downward, the end of the chalk giving the outline of the sail. In the draw­ing at the left a graded stroke was used, the eraser making the edge of the sail at the left and the chalk at the right.

Stroke 3 is desirable in representing the ocean. It is made by placing the chalk vertically upon the board and making a long, sweeping stroke, accented with the upper end of the chalk. In these sketches charcoal was used for the dark streaks in the water.

In drawing the hull of the ship, try stroke 4, using a short piece of chalk or charcoal. The chalk is placed vertically and a curving stroke is used with no particular accent. Add details with touches of chalk or charcoal.

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