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This plate was planned as a review lesson, as well as to give illustrations which teachers might use for a great variety of pur­poses. All these strokes have been given before and are easily applied.

For the turkey, sketch lightly a circle; then with the side of the chalk add broad, gray strokes. See No. 1. After this is done, add short touches with the side of the chalk, for the wings, legs, feathers, etc.

Stroke 2 was given on plate 2, and, with the addition of the little slanting and curving strokes here given, will produce the lighthouse. This sketch will perhaps be useful in connection with plate 9, in teaching the seacoast.

Strokes 3 and 4 are similar to those given on plate 5. They are made by the use of curving strokes with the side of the chalk, the accent being upon the end forming the outline. This stroke is frequently used, the object to be drawn dictating the direction of the stroke. Apply these strokes in drawing the rat, the chickens, the mushrooms and the frog.

In the tree sketch, a background of gray is first drawn with the side of the chalk; then the strokes given on plate 6 are ap­plied with charcoal, and the snowflakes added with strong touches of white chalk. If the candles are desired, omit the mow and use tiny strokes like those at 5.

No. 6 is desirable in representing the nest. After 6 is drawn, add stroke 4 for the eggs and finish the nest by using strong touches with the point of the chalk.

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