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At No. 1 is a very simple stroke made by placing a piece of chalk in a vertical position, and drawing it across the board in any desired direction, breaking it at regular intervals by lifting the chalk from the board. This stroke is useful in representing tiles, brick, stone, or any broken surface.

In this particular sketch a horizontal stroke is first made for the mantel, then the vertical strokes for the surface of the walls; then the bricks are added by the use of the strokes given at 1. Erase the space necessary for the fireplace, and add black chalk or charcoal, leaving the board where the fire is to be represented.

A few gray strokes with the side of the chalk will indicate the logs, and the use of stroke 2 Will add the fire and smoke. Stroke 2 is made by massing a little white chalk, and then rub­bing into it with the finger, gradually blending it into the tone of the blackboard. The details, andirons, etc., are easily added.

If this sketch is used for Christmas, add toys, sleds, stock­ings, or other objects suggestive of the day. They are all drawn with the side of the chalk, the direction of the stroke being dictated by the object.

The sketches in this and the following lesson may be used in work in history, or to illustrate the type of house used by the early settlers. The sketch on plate 15 is supposed to be Washington's home, and that on plate 16 is Lincoln's birthplace.

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