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As stated in the introduction, there have been many requests for suggestions for calendars. Whatever the month may be, draw a simple calendar large enough to be seen by the children. If a picture of some sort is desired, draw something which will be appropriate to the month and arrange it in a vertical panel at one side, or a horizontal panel above or below the calendar. The goldenrod on plate 12 will show what is meant by this arrangement.

All the strokes here given have been drawn before and are easily applied. Strokes 1 are given for the goldenrod, strokes 2 for the rose hips and leaves, 3 for the roses, 4 for the thistle, ands for the daisy. With a few light touches of the chalk indicate the growth and position of the specimen; then apply the strokes for drawing the surface of flowers and leaves.

In sketching the thistle the pointed details are added with the point of the chalk.

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