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Study the horizontal lines at No. 1. Though not like those in the sketch below, they show how any such cabin may be drawn. Try these strokes, accenting with the upper end of the chalk while making the horizontal line. Should one side of the building be lighter than the other, obtain the desired effect by varying the pressure upon the chalk.

No. 2 is made by the use of a long piece of chalk, and by keeping a smooth, even tone throughout the stroke.

Stroke 3 is made in a similar manner to that on plate 14 in the drawing of the bricks. Make it in a rather irregular fashion, and add little touches of detail with chalk or charcoal.

Stroke 4 is made with a very long piece of chalk, with strong pressure on the lower end. This will give a good tone for the sky and serve as an outline for the roof of the building.

In making this sketch, take a short piece of the chalk and use a stroke like No. t, beginning with a very short line; and in­creasing the length of the strokes till the body of the house is reached and then keeping the lines of uniform length to the ground.

After the body of the building and the sky are represented, erase the logs where the chimney, windows, or door are to be drawn. Erase also whatever chalk may be upon the board where the trees are desired, and apply the irregular touches already given in drawing trees. Use chalk or charcoal, according to the tone desired in trees, windows and chimney. See stroke 3. See strokes on plate 16 and plate 12.

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