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The sketch on plate to was suggested for geography. It is very simple and requires only strokes already used a number of times.

The sky and hill are represented by the use of stroke 1. Place a long piece of chalk vertically, the accent at the lower end giving the outline of the hill.

The marshy land is represented by a similar stroke camed in a horizontal direction. The board is left free from chalk in the case of the hill and the water. The village in the distance is added with charcoal, and the reflections in the water with little touches of chalk or charcoal.

Erase spots for the haystacks, and use stroke 3. This is a very simple curving stroke with the side of the chalk, accenting with the left end of the crayon; then a reverse stroke, accent­ing with the right end of the chalk. If shadows are desired they may be added with charcoal or black crayon. Observe that the tops of all the haystacks are on a level.

The, sketch with the ladder was made for primary reading. Different words were written on the different steps of the ladder and the children tried to see how high they could climb; in other words, how much of the lesson they could read. If they read all of the words they could climb to the top of the haycock

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