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Lesson No. 7 gave a few suggestions useful in geography and landscape work. This time we will try another type which will doubtless be found equally useful.

Stroke 1 is a horizontal stroke accented at the lower end of the chalk by a decided pressure. This will readily give a tone for the sky and a definite line for the horizon.

At No. 2, the sky is drawn in the same manner, and charcoal or black chalk is introduced for the ocean. These touches are made with the side of the chalk in irregular, wavy lines.

Spray may be represented by massing a little chalk near the rocks or beach, and by rubbing the tip of the finger or a soft bit of cloth into the body of chalk, gradually blending it into the rocks or water. See No. 4.

To obtain a sketch like that given in this lesson, first draw the horizon, then the wavy strokes for the sea. The cliffs or rocks are drawn by using strokes like those at No. 3. They are irregular strokes accented with one end of the chalk. Here again the charcoal is useful in adding crevices or shadows in the rocks. Erase spots for the boats and add details.

The effect of a beach may be produced by using the same broad stroke as in the sky, accenting with the upper end of the chalk to give the margin of the beach, Add a few ripples and pebbles, or a bit of seaweed, using the point of the chalk.

The sketch given on this plate was used as an illustration for literature.

A heap of bare and splintery crags
Tumbled about by lightning and frost.


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