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Here again are very simple strokes which require only a little practice for accomplishment.

The distance is represented as in the last plate, and the grass and meadow are done in the same manner as the marshy land on plate 10; 1 and 2 show the strokes. A few up and-down touches with a short piece of chalk are added in the immediate foreground.

The fence is drawn by the use of the strokes given on plate 1, and shown at 3 on this plate.

After drawing the field and the fence, erase for the tree trunk and tree and add the foliage. This is done with a short piece of chalk and a quick back-and-forth movement. See plates 6, 12, and 24 for other trees and strokes. The skeleton of the tree, as shown below the drawing, may be represented first, then the foliage added.

This plate will be found useful in the early spring, as it shows the tree in winter condition, the pussy willows, and the tree in summer.

Spots 4 show the treatment of the "pussies." A very short curving stroke of the chalk is first made; then the finger is used to give the downy, soft effect. Sketch a few delicate lines for the stems, add the catkins as described above, and then finish the stems with black and white chalk.

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