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In this lesson we will put to practical use such strokes as those given in the first few lessons. The sketches of this character are often valuable in the schoolroom when studying the mountains, the hillside, the river, etc., and the teacher who, with a few strokes of the chalk, can interpret to her class the thing about which they are studying, and can make an illustra­tion which the whole class can see and appreciate, has an invaluable gift.

Experiment with the strokes given at 1, 2 and 3. As in previous lessons the side of the chalk is used, and the accent is with one end. Try to give the effect of snow, of rocks, of a bright day, or of a cloudy day, by varying the tone or pressure upon the chalk. Sometimes use the chalk for sky, leaving the board for the hills. Then reverse the stroke, letting the sky remain gray and using the chalk to represent the mountain, accenting with the upper end of the chalk. No. 3 is a combination of 1 and 2, the chalk being used in both sky and moun­tain. In No 4, the eraser or a soft bit of cloth is used to take out the trees after the chalk has been applied.

In the sketch given on the lower part of the plate combine the suggestions given above. A few short, curving strokes with the usual accent at one end of the crayon will give the rocks, and the irregular horizontal and zigzag strokes already given will produce the ripples in the river, and the foreground.

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