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The strokes given in this lesson, although not used as fre­quently as those previously given, are nevertheless valuable.

No. 1 shows the manner in which the stroke is produced. Place a piece of chalk in the position indicated by the line below the stroke, then swing the chalk rapidly back and forth, shortening the stroke and gradually twisting the chalk to the vertical position. No 2 is produced in the same manner. Place the chalk obliquely as indicated, and keep the movement oblique, shortening the stroke, and twisting the chalk gradually to the horizontal position.

The fern is drawn by first sketching a few main lines, No. 3, and then upon these apply the strokes given as shown at No. 4. Hardly touch the board at first, keeping the tones very gray; then add a few white ferns as in the sketch.

No. 6 illustrates the same stroke used in a much bolder fashion and in a generally horizontal direction. After applying this stroke, accent here and there with a much shorter stroke, and add the trunk and branches.

Study the trees given on plate 12 in connection with this illustra­tion and notice the variety of strokes given for the different trees.

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