You May be a New Mainer if...

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-- You call it the recycling center, but everyone else calls it the dump.

-- You stop at every deer (or turkey, or moose) crossing the road, and your first thought isn't, "Dang, I wish I had my gun."

-- You dress in bright orange, even when it isn't hunting season.

-- You're craving the new IPhone when everyone else just wants cell phone reception (... any cell phone reception...)

-- Your outdoor attire during blackfly season is netting, head to toe. True Mainers hardly notice them...

-- your car (not truck) takes the trash to the recycling  center .... I mean dump.

-- You're the only one not driving a 4-wheel drive in the middle of snowstorms...

-- You still can't pronounce 'Dirigo'

-- You're still amazed the state can close a major highway and finish repairing it 3 weeks early and under budget!

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