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Who needs a truck in Maine?

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We always had a truck on the farm when I was a kid in the Adirondacks. Usually a Ford, and often red. There was always a lot of wire and baling twine holding something up or on. Things that fell off weren't considered that important, as long as it kept running. And it usually did. That was when you didn't need a mechanic's degree to work on a car. My dad always seemed to make it run, most days.

Introduction: Random Thoughts of a New Mainer

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It's never easy moving to a new town, or state for that matter.  Not to mention write about it. But that's what I will try to do here for you.  Successfully, I hope.

My wife, five cats and I are on an adventure here in Maine.  After all, life should always be an adventure, and sometimes you have to sit down and share it with others. Over the coming weeks that's what I'll be doing - sharing with you our new life in Maine.

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