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Here is given another literature illustration, which is drawn with such strokes as those indicated in the upper part of the plate.

Stroke has been described many times already. After this is drawn indicate the distance by the use of a few touches with charcoal, and the water with a delicate line or two of chalk. Let the strokes be horizontal.

The rocks are represented with such strokes as No. 3. See also plate 9, stroke 3. Accent here and there for the light touches, and add bits of charcoal for the dark.

Stroke 2 is drawn by placing the chalk in a vertical position, and drawing it in the desired direction with a rather irregular or uneven stroke. See stroke 3, plate 15. When the strong, bright tones are desired, accent with the chalk, and when the gray tones are necessary, hardly touch the board. The windows are added with strong strokes of charcoal.

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