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The strokes upon this plate are more often used than any others which will be given in these lessons. These strokes are made by holding the chalk by one end rather than in the middle, and then by drawing in any direction desired, letting the pressure come at the end of the chalk, thus giving a graded stroke from side to side. For example, stroke 1 was made by taking about two-thirds of a stick of chalk, holding it by the left end, placing it horizontally upon the board, and then drawing downward, accent­ing a little with the left end of the chalk. Stroke 5 was made in a similar manner, the chalk being held by the right end, and the pressure being also at that end.

Practice these strokes in many directions, and then apply them to drawing some simple objects. On the plate the cylinder, barrel, and canoe are illustrated to show the application of such simple marks.

In the cylinder, strokes 1 and 5 are used for the left and right outlines; then three curving strokes will finish the top and bottom.

In sketching the barrel, use similar strokes, curving them a bit. Add curving strokes for the hoops, using a short piece of chalk; then add markings here and there with the point for details.

The canoe is one long, nearly horizontal stroke accented at the upper end of the chalk. A few small touches similar to those at 3 will give the rocky shore, and a line or two with the point, the necessary details.

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