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     Under what circumstances was this book written? See Introduction.


1. In what way is it made clear that the new guest of the Admiral Benbow Inn was an unusual man? How is it suggested that he may have been a pirate? When do we know this definitely?

2, Why did he fear such a man as Dr. Livesey?

3. Does "the sea-faring man with one leg" set you wondering?

4. What hint does the story of "Black Dog's" meeting with the "Captain" give you?

5. What was the "Captain's" real name? Why was he in hiding?

6. By what means is the blind man made terrible? Why did Bones fear him?

7. What was "the black spot"?

8. Which of the events that followed Bones's death do you think most exciting?

9. Why were the country people afraid to come to the Inn?

10. What things did the dead seaman's box contain? What article in it was of most importance?

11. Why did Jim carry the papers to Dr. Livesey? What did they contain?

12. What scheme did Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney hit upon?

13. From the reference to Bristol, in what part of England do you think these events tookplace?

14. Retell the principal incidents of Part I orally or in writing.


15. Why was Jim so excited over the coming voyage?

16. What indiscreet thing had the Squire done at the outset?

17. What did he think of the crew he had got? What did Captain Smollett think of them? Who had really selected them?

18. What hint do you get from the fact that "Black Dog" appeared at Silver's Inn?

19. How did Silver allay Jim's suspicions? What did the Squire and the Doctor think of Silver?

20. What are the first hints of coming trouble that Captain Smollett sees?

21. Why does he say "Treasure is ticklish work"?

22. Note the song that the men sing as the ship sails. Where have you read it before?

23. What was Jim's "adventure of the apple barrel"? Note how the whole situation comes out in Silver's talk.

24. What qualities does Jim show in this incident? What saved him from discovery?

25. What steps do the owners of the vessel take when they hear his story?

26. Retell in writing one of the incidents of the voyage which you think interesting.


27. What signs of coming trouble does Jim observe?

28. How does John Silver act?

29. Why were the men sent "on shore leave"?

30. What came of Jim's going ashore without leave?

31. What was the island like?

32. Describe Silver's interview with Tom.

33. Who was "the man of the island"? How does he show that he has lived a long time alone?

34. What hint is there that he may be of use to the Squire and his friends?


35. Why are these chapters (XVI-XVIII) told by the Doctor?

36. Why did his party decide to occupy the old stockade?

37. What adventures did they have in landing their supplies?

38. How many men are in the faithful party?

39. How did Ben Gunn help them?

40. How did the men in the stockade prepare to resist attack?

41. Describe Silver's embassy.

42. What were the results of the fight at the stockade?


43. Why did Jim steal away from his friends? What results came of his escapade? What did he do with Ben Gunn's boat? What did he see in the ship?

44. Describe his adventures with Israel Hands.

45. How did he finally get the ship into the harbor?

46. In what instances has Jim helped his friends? In which cases has he done it through luck or through love of adventure?

47. How have the buccaneers been defeating their own cause and destroying themselves?


48. How many of the pirates were left alive at this point of the story? Who were they?

49. What quarrel arose among them?

50. Why did Silver decide to save Jim? How does he again show his capacity?

51. Describe the interview between Jim and the Doctor.

52. Why did the pirates detain Jim?

53. Tell how they found their way to the place where Flint had buried the treasure? Describe the scene there.

54. How did the Squire's party manage to be in time to save Jim?

55. What had become of the treasure?

56. What finally became of Silver?

57. Which scenes in the whole story stand out most clearly in your memory?

58. Which characters seem most real? Which most interesting?

59. Who is the hero of the book: Jim Hawkins or John Silver?

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