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Some Events of Boston and Its Neighbors

Printed for the State Street Trust Company
Boston, Mass.

Compiled, arranged and printed by direction of
Walton Advertising Printing Co.
Boston, Mass.


     THE State Street Trust Company takes pleasure in presenting the twelfth in the series of brochures which it has issued on subjects connected with the history of Boston. The pamphlet covers this time some interesting events of Boston and some of the neighboring towns and is supplementary to the one issued last year entitled—” Some Interesting Boston Events.” Many things have happened in Greater Boston which, though quaint and curious and, perhaps, amusing, have not been of sufficient importance to receive more than a brief mention in the pages of the historians. It has been the aim in the present pamphlet to narrate such little-noticed happenings, and to illustrate the text as far as is possible with reproductions of old prints and photographs. The unusual interest shown in the historic brochures prepared during the past eleven years by the State Street Trust Company encourages the hope that the present volume will also prove acceptable and entertaining to the depositors of the Company and the general public.

     Among those to whom we are indebted for information used in the preparation of this brochure are the following: The late Gov. Curtis Guild; the officials of the Boston Public Library; Mr. Philip Hale; Mr. Walter K. Watkins; Mr. Charles F. Read of the Bostonian Society; Mr. Charles K. Bolton of the Boston Athenæum.

     For special information in regard to certain subjects we are indebted to the following: Hon. Edmund Billings and Mr. Lawrence F. Sherman for data pertaining to the Islands of Boston Harbour; Mr. George H. Tripp, of the Free Public Library, New Bedford, for data pertaining to the Gosnold Memorial; Mr. William C. Lane, of Harvard College Library, for information concerning the Harvard Ferry; Granville C. Mitchell, of Medford, for help regarding the Peak House; the Librarian of the Milton Library for material concerning Capt. Samuel Wadsworth; Mrs. George Philler and Mr. T. Dennie Boardman for data pertaining to the Prince of Wales Ball; Dr. Charles M. Green for information concerning the Royall House; Mr. Richard H. Dana for information pertaining to Anthony Burns; Mr. L. W. Jenkins for assistance in compiling the story of General Ward; Mr. J. T. Linzee for the picture of the New England Guards; Mr. Alfred Bowditch for data about the Practical Navigator; Mr. Hervey E. Wetzel for information concerning the Louisburg Expedition.

Among the authorities consulted are:

Old Landmarks of Middlesex, by S. A. Drake.
Mt. Desert,
by Geo. E. Street, edited by Samuel A. Eliot.
Old Dartmouth Historical Sketches—Dedication of the Gosnold Memorial,
          Gosnold and his Colony at Cuttyhunk,
by Annie R. Wall.
The Gosnold Memorial Shaft, by Walter Ricketson.
Curiosities of History, by W. W. Wheildon.
The Ferry, the Charles River, and the Charlestown Bridge—
          Chairman Boston Transit Commission, Boston, the Place
          and the People,
by M. A. de Wolfe Howe.
Quincy’s History of Harvard University.
Old Boston Landmarks,
by Drake.
Social Life in New England,
by Mary C. Crawford
The Islands of Boston Harbour, by Mrs. Julia Knowlton Dyer.
King’s Handbook of Boston Harbour,
by M. E. Sweetser.
History of Boston Harbour,
by James H. Stark.
Stage Coach and Tavern Days,
by Alice Morse Earle.
Bi-Centennial of the Burning of Medfield.
History of Milton,
by A. K. Teele.
Barber’s Historical Collections.
Buried Treasure,
by R. D. Paine.
N. E. Legends and Folk Lore,
by S. A. Drake.
The Ships and Sailors of Old Salem,
by R. D. Paine.
Pamphlet about Royall House, New France and
          New England,
by John Fiske.
New England Rooftrees,
by Mary C. Crawford.
Old Boston Days and Ways,
by Mary C. Crawford.
Figures of the Past,
by Josiah Quincy.
Royalty in the New World,
by Kinahan Cornwallis.
Memories of One Hundred Years,
by E. E. Hale.
Boston under the Mayors,
by Jane M. Bugbee.
Trial and Rendition of Anthony Burns,
by Stevens.
Essex Institute Historical Collection,
by Robert S. Rantoul.
Publications of the Bostonian Society.
The Old Shipmasters of Salem,
by Charles E. Trow.
Eulogy on the Life and Character of Nathaniel Bowditch,
by Daniel Appleton White.
Memoirs of Nathaniel Bowditch,
by Nathaniel I. Bowditch.
A Discourse on the Life and Character of Hon.
          Nathaniel Bowditch,
by Alexander Young.
Pamphlets of Boston Society.
The Burning of the Ursuline Convent,
by Ephraim Tucker.
The Burning of the Convent,
by one of the Pupils.



Bartholomew Gosnold, the First Englishman to set Foot on
           New England Soil
New England First Named
Some Curious Old New England Customs
The Islands of Boston Harbour
The Harvard College Ferry
First Muster of Militia, June, 1638: the First Parade of the Oldest
            Military Organization in America
First New England Coinage
The Burning of Medfield, formerly a Part of Dedham
Captain Wadsworth of Milton attacks the Indians at Sudbury
Governor Phips and His Sunken Treasure
John Quelch, the Pirate, and His Execution in Boston
The Adventure of Philip Ashton of Marblehead
The Last Slave Quarters still standing in Massachusetts
The Capture of Louisburg
Governor Bernard’s Grant of Mount Desert Island
The First Stage-coach Line out of Boston
The First American Traitor
Captain Mugford’s Capture of the British Ship “Hope”
A Sharon Woman enlists in Continental Army
Washington’s Visit to Boston in 1789
The New American Practical Navigator
The New England Guards
“Chesapeake” and “Shannon”
Lafayette’s Meeting in Boston with Colonel Huger,
          who describes his Attempted Rescue of the
          General from the Austrian Prison
The Burning of the Ursuline Convent in Charlestown
The Trial and Rendition of Anthony Burns
The Prince of Wales Ball October 18, 1860
A Massachusetts Soldier becomes a God of the Chinese