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The accompanying plate was taken from a lesson in a first grade. The little boy was dressed in an impromptu costume of cotton batting, and the background hastily sketched by the teacher.

The horizon was drawn as on plate 9; then a few soft oblique strokes were added to the sky. The shore was drawn with irreg­ular back-and-forth strokes, as in many of the previous sketches, and a sheet was tacked to the board in order to obtain the white foreground.

An almost vertical stroke accented with the end of the chalk was used in drawing the icebergs, and a few strokes of charcoal were added.

The huts were drawn with a curving stroke accented with the upper end of the chalk, and they were finished by applying stroke 2, plate 3, and adding a few details with the point of the chalk.

Any teacher can easily arrange such backgrounds and cos­tumes with the simplest material at hand, and in this manner add essentially to the interest and value of a lesson. A Japan­ese Day, An Indian Entertainment, A Soldiers' Camp Ground, A Lumber Camp, and many others, are easily arranged.

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