Parrish Light

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Morning in New England. Dark slowly fades to murky light. Birds stir and flutter, sending a flurry of snow sifting down. Dim red through the trees in the east. The perfect Maxfield Parrish time of day has come.

A white canvas of snow blankets the old farm. White snow, tinged soft blue against the rough grey of old barn boards. Is it any wonder Parrish loved to paint in New England?

Parrish - Christmas Morning

Every morning I'm up early at the snow-banked farm house, ready to work with my colleagues in Ireland and India.  Watching the sky lighten gradually, especially on snow-covered, sunny mornings, is my favorite time of day. Early risers like me enjoy a special time -- when the day is new and all things are possible.  Sunsets might be more colorful and spectacular, but subtle morning light has it's own enchantment.


Parrish - Mountain Farm

Arise, sleepy heads!  Discover the morning light and  the promise of the day!


Parrish - White Birches

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