Winter Visitors

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The first real coating of snow that lasted a few days fell in Chesterville over this Thanksgiving weekend. The old farmhouse, even with its K1 heaters, fireplaces and cast-iron stoves, can feel a little drafty in the middle of a windy storm. With a new delivery of kerosene and a full tank of propane for the stove, we're as ready as we can be for another Maine winter.

Winter brings its own adventures and its own visitors. All last winter, we fed the snow buntings, nuthatches, blue jays and mourning doves, along with the occasional squirrel. The squirrel, most of all, drove our cats crazy:


Another visitor we got to know soon after moving in to the farmhouse is the neighbors' cat, who loved the high snow banks last winter so he could look in and say 'hi' to our cats. This is also the same cat who stared down the snow plow driver and made him plow the road around him last year:


So, we'll get ready for the occasional bad weather with the nice days for snowshoeing and photography in between. There's even the odd chance I'll be on a pair of cross-country skis this winter. (The last time I strapped on a pair of downhill skis I was all of 23 and nearly wrecked my knee on the bunny slope in Blue Hill, Mass.... But that's another story...)

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