The Hawkeyes and BJs of Instant Messaging

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(Warning! Tech Content ahead!)

Most of us today are familiar with Instant Messaging (IM) services at work. If you use it, you love it or hate it -- often at the same time. Working at home from Chesterville, I live on IM, as it is a great way to stay in touch with co-workers around the world in real-time -- no waiting for emails to be answered. But it has its annoyances...

There you are, working away, deep in thought, writing that report that's due yesterday. Then -- ping -- up pops the IM screen from a co-worker. You have a quick conversation; all questions answered, all issues resolved. Then comes the hard part -- how to end the message.

There's a great M*A*S*H episode where BJ accuses Hawkeye of being unable of ending a conversation without getting in the last word. BJ is, of course, right. Hawkeye has to have the last word. Yes, there are many IMers out there who are Hawkeyes. (You know who you are...)

Typical close of an Instant Message with a "Hawkeye":

You: OK, so we're set?

"Hawkeye": yes, all set

You: OK, talk later

"Hawkeye": Have a good day

You: you too
[You think you're finally done]

"Hawkeye": Bye

You: See ya

"Hawkeye": Talk soon

[You have now entered the third circle of IM hell...]

Your only choice is to walk away from the keyboard and hope this doesn't happen:

"Hawkeye": Hey, you still there?

You [reluctantly]: Yes

"Hawkeye": Oh. OK. Bye.

IM users need to pick up on the jargon created for early radio communication. Maybe I'll just have to end all my IM communication with:

"Roger. Over and Out"

That'll fix those Hawkeyes...

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