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Heroic Legends

Agnes Grozier Herbertson.

Illustrated by Helen Stratton. 

Published in London, 1908. 

American version
(from which these web pages are based)
was ca. 1910, but no date listed in the edition.

  1. The Two Brothers
  2. The Charcoal-Burner
  3. How my Cid the Campeador won the Favour of his King
  4. How the Minstrel saved the King
  5. How Oliver Fought for France and the Faith
  6. The Sword in the Stone (Legend of King Arthur)
  7. The Keeping of the Passes
  8. The Knight of the Ill-Shapen Coat
  9. The Archer of Schwitz
  10. Beaumains, the Knight of the Kitchen
  11. With Bow and Arrow
  12. St. George and the Dragon
  13. The Quest of Offero