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 Copyright 2001, Candy J. Witcher
Detail of new painting by artist, Candy Witcher.

NOTE: Nicky passed away in May, 2012.  He is greatly missed......


Cats are a mainstay of Kellscraft Studio.  They are our helpers, critics, jesters and friends.  
Abby, Emmy and Nicky are indoor cats, and they encourage viewers of their web pages
to keep any cat they own indoors, for their own protection.  

And always have your pet spayed or neutered. 

We'll start the tour with our spokescat for the Studio, Nickolas.
Nicky came to us after our first two cats, Amelia (Emmy) and Abigail (Abby) were with us for a year.
He was a no-kill shelter cat, who was an absolutely gorgeous kitten, and has grown into a striking 'tuxedo' cat.  
Perfectly marked face, white 'mittens', high white 'boots' and a white-tipped tail, he looks a lot like a Sylvester cat!
 As a boy cat, he has brought his own way of viewing the world, which basically means he rules it.  Benignly, of course.  
Abigail doesn't quite agree with this view, and will often point this out:

Abby's the one who is about to swat Nicky on the nose.  Emmy is looking on, knowing not to get in the middle of this!

Nicky has this "thing" about getting into baskets, boxes, upside down hats, anything small and confining:

Yes, this small, woman's shoe box does say "Kitty" on one end.  I guess he just couldn't resist....

Then there was the time he decided he just had to take a nap, and since the girls rarely let him sleep next to them, he would just have to lean on a friend........

And at the end of the day, everyone needs a good ol' tummy rub!

more Nicky photos

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