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The Black Arrow

Tale of the Two Roses



Prologue - John Amend-All


Book I - The Two Lads

Chapter 1: At the Sign of the Sun at Kettley

Chapter 2: In the Fen

Chapter 3: The Fen Ferry

Chapter 4: A Greenwood Company

Chapter 5: "Bloody is the Hunter"

Chapter 6: To The Day's End

Chapter 7: The Hooded Face


Book II - The Moat House

Chapter 1: Dick Asks Questions

Chapter 2: The Two Oaths

Chapter 3: The Room Over the Chapel

Chapter 4: The Passage

Chapter 5: How Dick Changed Sides


Book III - My Lord Foxham

Chapter 1: The House by the Shore

Chapter 2: A Skirmish in the Dark

Chapter 3: St. Bride's Cross

Chapter 4: The Good Hope

Chapter 5: The Good Hope (Continued)

Chapter 6: The Good Hope (Concluded)


Book IV - The Disguise

Chapter 1: The Den

Chapter 2: "In Mine Enemies' House"

Chapter 3: The Dead Spy

Chapter 4: In the Abby Church

Chapter 5: Earl Risingham

Chapter 6: Arblaster Again


Book V - Crookback

Chapter 1: The Shrill Trumpet

Chapter 2: The Battle of Shoreby

Chapter 3: The Battle of Shoreby (Concluded)

Chapter 4: The Sack of Shoreby

Chapter 5: Night in the Woods: Alicia Risingham

Chapter 6: Night in the Woods: (Concluded)
                     Dick and Joan

Chapter 7: Dick's Revenge

Chapter 8: Conclusion