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Next day there was a great stir in the woods.

The little Bears went out to invite all the animals to their party.

Mama Bear hired sixteen cooks to help her. She had so much gold now, that she was quite rich.

The sixteen cooks baked and stewed and boiled things all day.

 By night, all was ready for the party.

King Cole, who lived on Primrose Hill, heard about the party, and he sent his three fiddlers, so that every one might dance.

At six o'clock the animals began to come.

The Cotton-Tail family, and the Grizzly Bear family, the Furry Coon family, and the Fluffy Ball family, the Red Tail family, and the Birds all came.

Last of all came old Grandpa Grum­bles.

He was grumbling as he came along.

"This bag is too heavy for an old fellow to carry. It is a very heavy bag, but I wouldn't have it lighter," he said.

They all set up a shout when they saw Grandpa Grumbles, and they ran to help him carry the bag.

Now what do you suppose was in the bag?

It was a grab-bag, and there was a present in it for everyone.

How the animals did enjoy that grab-bag!

After a while supper was ready, and they had a fine supper, then they danced and sang, and Little Bear told all about his travels, and about finding the pot of gold.

Just at this minute Bushy Tail stuck his head in at the window.

He still wore the red cap that pinched his ears, and he felt very cross. He shouted:

"Little Bear, what is your name? What is your name?"

Then all the company were very still. They felt sorry for Little Bear. Then Little Bear drew himself up very tall, and shouted at the top of his lungs, "I am Mishe-Mokwa, the Great Bear!"

"Hear! hear! hear!" cried all the company.

But Bushy Tail would not be still. He cried: "How do you know that is your name?"

Then Little Bear went and got the pot the gold had been in, and read the words in the bottom:

He shall have the gold, and a new name.
He shall he called MISHE-MOKWA, the Great Bear.

The animals were all merry then, you may be sure.

Bunny Cotton-Tail cried: "My fur and whiskers! but that is a grand name!"

They all shouted: "Hurrah for Mishe-Mokwa, the Great Bear! We will make him king of the forest."

All the Bear family were proud and happy. At last they said good-by, with many hugs and kisses, and all the little Bears were sleepy enough to go to bed. Mama Bear said: "What became of Bushy Tail?"

Papa Bear said: "I believe he ran away."

What do you suppose Bushy Tail did?

He was so surprised to hear that Little Bear really had a name, that he ran away and was not heard of for many years.

Did he always wear the red cap that pinched his ears?

I don't know, for I forgot to ask him.

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