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Grandpa Grumbles, in the woods
Has a grab-bag, you know.
You will find it there, some day
If to his house you go!

Next morning Little Bear got up to get breakfast, and he crept down­stairs very softly, for he wanted to sur­prise the rest.

When he got to the kitchen door he met Red Riding Hood and old Grandpa Grumbles, and the little rab­bit.

Each one had gotten up early to get the breakfast.

Grandpa Grumbles began to shake his head and grumble, and Red Riding Hood laughed, and Little Bear waved his red handkerchief.

Then they all shouted: "Hurrah! we will get breakfast together."

The cry-baby rabbit said: "Boo-hoo! I have never gotten breakfast in my life!"

Grandpa Grumbles looked at her and said: "I will give you a better name if you will be still."

"Boo-hoo! boo-hoo!" said the little rabbit. "I don't know whether I want a better name or not!"

Little Bear danced up and down, and he cried: "Give me a name, give me a name!"

Grandpa Grumbles said: "No, no, look in the garret in my grab bag!"

They were all pleased at this, and they scampered up into the garret.

There, sure enough, on a nail, hung the grab-bag.

"Time to grab," said Grandpa Grumbles. "Every one of you must grab!"

Red Riding Hood put in her hand and drew out a gold watch.

"Keep it! keep it!" shouted Grandpa Grumbles. "It won't run, it won't keep time, but keep it, keep it!"

Little Bear put in his paw and drew out a silk purse.

"Keep it," shouted old Grandpa Grumbles. "It hasn't a cent in it!"

Then the cry-baby rabbit put in her paw and drew out a piece of paste­board, to which was fastened a tiny bell.

She was so disappointed she was ready to cry, when old Grandpa Grumbles said: "Keep it, keep it; it has your name on it!"

Sure enough, on the pasteboard was written in very large letters, "Bonnie Bell."

Little Bear tied the bell around the rabbit's neck, and she never was known to cry "boo-hoo" again in all her life!

"May we grab again?" asked Red Riding Hood.

Grandpa Grumbles said: "If I let you grab again, what shall I have left for all my grandchildren?"

Just then, patter, patter, patter was heard, and Bushy Tail came creeping up-stairs.

"Oh, ho! grab-bag!" he shouted. "Let me grab, let me grab!"

Before any one could say a word that sly old fox put his paw in the bag and drew out a little red cap.

"Put it on, put it on," shouted Grandpa Grumbles.

Bushy Tail put the cap on and it began to pinch his ears. He cried: "Oh, ow! take it off, take it off!"

Grandpa Grumbles chased him out of the house and down the road.

Little Bear said: "He will keep out of mischief for a while."

Grandpa Grumbles came back chuckling to himself.

"What kind of a cap did you give him?" asked Red Riding Hood.

Grandpa Grumbles said: "It is a magic cap. It will not come off for a year."

"Oh, oh!" cried Little Bear, "how funny Bushy Tail looked in the cap!"

Bonnie Bell said: "I am glad you didn't give me a cap!"

Red Riding Hood said: "I would rather wear a hood than a magic cap!"

"It is a fine grab-bag," said Grand­pa Grumbles.

Then Red Riding Hood kissed Grandpa Grumbles on his right cheek, and Little Bear kissed him on his left cheek, and Bonnie Bell kissed him on both cheeks.

Grandpa Grumbles was so pleased! He said softly: "Nice little visitors! Come again, please."

They all laughed, and kissed him again.

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