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Little Bear said: "I will go and find Red Riding Hood."

Papa and Mama Bear, and all the other Bears hugged Little Bear, and kissed him good-by, and shouted: "Don't get lost in the woods, don't get lost in the woods!"

Little Bear was happy. He went off whistling a merry tune.

He wandered about in the woods all day, and when night came he saw a light and followed it.

The light came from a very little window in a very little house.

Little Bear went up to the door of the house and knocked. An old bear stuck his head out of a window and called: "Who is there?"

Little Bear said: "I am Little Bear.  I am lost in the woods. May I come in, please?"

The old bear said: "I am called Grandpa Grumbles. What is your name?"

Then Little Bear began to cry, and howl and scream, and he made such a dreadful noise that Grandpa Grum­bles had to come down and let him in. Grandpa Grumbles was such a cross old bear that none of the animals would live with him.

He always grumbled about some­thing. He said it was too hot or too cold, or too wet or too dry, and he was never happy unless he was grumbling.

Little Bear limped along into the house. His feet were sore and tired. He said,: "I haven't any name."

Grandpa Grumbles took Little Bear into the dining-room, and let him sit up in a high chair at the table.

He said, as he passed Little Bear some cake: "You can't eat your cake and have it, too! Eat some cake."

Then Little Bear stopped crying, and ate some cake, and pretty soon he said in a whisper:

"Couldn't you find a name for me?"

Grandpa began to grumble and say: "Your Ma ought to find you a name. If I find you a name you won't like it. You know you won't like it."

Just then a gentle rap was heard at the door and in walked Red Riding Hood.

She had a basket of cookies and a pot of butter.

Grandpa began to grumble in a very fierce way, and Little Bear was afraid he was going to eat Red Riding Hood. So he jumped up on the table and cried:

"Eat me, Grandpa! Eat me, Grand­pa! I am young and tender!"

Then they all laughed, and Grand­pa forgot to grumble, and Red Riding Hood took off her cape and hood, and she ate supper with them.

Red Riding Hood came often to visit Grandpa Grumbles, as they were old friends.

"You have been gone a long a time," said Grandpa Grumbles.

Little Bear tried to say something, but his mouth was full of buttered toast and he could not speak.

"He is trying to talk with his mouth full," grumbled Grandpa.

"I would like some more cakes," said Red Riding Hood.

Then Grandpa Grumbles shouted: "Pass me the vinegar! I must have vinegar on my cakes!"

Red Riding Hood passed the vine­gar, and smiled so sweetly that Grand­pa Grumbles forgot what he was grumbling about.

Then Little Bear said: "Red Riding Hood came to our house, and Bushy Tail came and stole the cookies!"

Then Grandpa Grumbles grew very angry, indeed, and shouted:

"Ha! ha! Bushy Tail stole the cookies! Well, well! He is no relative of mine. Some one ought to box his ears! Some one ought to box his ears!"

Then Red Riding Hood laughed, and Little Bear laughed, and Grandpa Grumbles laughed, and chuckled and said:

"I will fix Bushy Tail, I will punish Bushy Tail. I have a present for him in my grab-bag."

Little Bear was so tired he fell asleep.

Red Riding Hood said: "He is the prettiest little bear I have ever seen."

Grandpa Grumbles said: "It is a pity he hasn't any name.

Bushy Tail is fond of cookies,
So I've heard it said,
He eats many every day,
And carries some to bed!

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