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Bushy Tail, the sly old fox,
Said: "If you are my friend,
You will go with me, no doubt,
To the rainbow end."

Little Bear was not allowed to go out in the woods alone.

Next morning he said: "I want to take a walk in the woods."

Papa Bear said: "You may go if Curly Bear will go with you."

Curly Bear was Little Bear's youngest brother.

Curly Bear and Little Bear went through the woods together.

They each carried a little bucket. They were going to pick berries.

"Are you twins?" asked the old owl as they passed along under the tree.

Curly Bear shouted: "I am Curly Bear, but he hasn't any name!"

Little Bear, put his paw up to his face and cried, "Boo-hoo!"

Then the most surprising thing hap­pened!

Furry, the coon, came running down the path, and Old Grizzly Bear came running along, carrying his umbrella, and all the Cotton-Tail family came running, too.

"Where are you going?" asked the two little bears.

None of the animals stopped to an­swer them, so Little Bear and Curly Bear threw down their pails and ran, too.

On, on, on, through the woods all the animals ran, until they were tired. It began to rain a little, first a few drops, then splash, splash, splash!

"We shall have wet fur," said Curly Bear.

Pretty soon there came a light in the sky, and there shone a rainbow, then all the animals ran on again, faster than ever, and the rainbow be­gan to fade and fade, until it became ever so faint.

Pretty soon the rainbow was gone. What do you suppose those funny animals did then?

They sat down in a circle and each one whispered to the one next him. Curly Bear said: "I wish some one would speak out loud, so we could know what they are talking about!" Just then Bushy Tail, the sly fox, got up and wrapped his tail about him and said:

"Ladies and gentlemen, the secret is out: we were all looking for the pot of gold at the rainbow end!" Then all the animals shouted: "Hear! hear! hear! Bushy Tail is talking!"

Curly Bear and Little Bear said they were sleepy and tired, so Old Grizzly Bear left all the other animals talking, and he took Curly Bear on his right shoulder, and Little Bear on his left shoulder, and went trotting merrily homeward.

"What is your name, Little Bear?" called the old owl as they passed by.

"By the way, what is your real name?" asked Old Grizzly, but Little Bear only hid his head on Old Grizzly 's shoulder and cried, "Boo-hoo!"

Curly Bear said: "He hasn't any name. We did not have enough names to go round!"

"How many bears are there at your house?" asked Old Grizzly.

Curly Bear said: "We have Mama Bear, and Papa Bear, and seventeen little Bears!"

All this time Little Bear was crying softly, "Boo-hoo!"

"Never mind," said Old Grizzly, when you find the pot of gold, you will find a name, too."

Then Little Bear stopped crying and fell asleep.

He fell asleep on Old Grizzly's shoulder, and pretty soon he woke up with a start.

All the animals were running down the path.

"What is the matter?" asked Little Bear.

Old Grizzly chuckled to himself, and Curly Bear said: "Bushy Tail has stolen some cookies!"

All the animals were after Bushy Tail, but they did not catch him, he was such a sly old fox.

What do you suppose Bushy Tail did? He hid behind a stone wall, and all the animals ran past.

Bushy Tail had plenty of cookies to eat that night.

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