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Our Little Hungarian Cousin

Mary F. Nixon-Roulet

Author of
"Our Little Spanish Cousin," "Our Little Alaskan Cousin,"
"Our Little Grecian Cousin," "Our Little  Australian Cousin,"
"With a Pessimist in Spain," "God, the King, My Brother," etc., etc.

Illustrated by

John Goss

"He . . . Quickly began a little tune."

L. C. Page & Company
Copyright, 1909

By L. C. Page & Company


The Plimpton Press Norwood Mass. U. S. A.  


Philip Henry de Roulet


A part of the great Austrian Empire, Hungary, is a kingdom in itself, with its own laws and its own government. Through this land runs the "beautiful blue Danube," with castles and towns upon its wooded banks; on one side the mountains, on the other the Great Plains.

Here dwell many races with quaint customs and quainter costumes, and it is of these people that you will read in Our Little Hungarian Cousin.